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What To Serve With Chinese Dumplings & Potstickers

Whether you cook up frozen dumplings or prepare your own (check out my easy-to-follow dumpling recipe), here are some delicious recipes to serve with Chinese dumplings and potstickers.


Chinese dumplings (Potstickers) are undoubtedly the most well-known Chinese food in the world.

You can make them with different fillings: vegetarian, with meat and even vegan.

Even in the way of cooking them the options are the most varied: steamed, boiled, pan-fried dumplings, air-fried dumplings and so on.

What are Dumplings?

Dumpling is a special and very important dish within the culture of Chinese cuisine.

We also find Dumplings in many other Asian cuisines such as Japanese and Korean.

Even in Russia they make dumplings, but with completely different shapes and flavors.

Chinese Dumplings are a very important traditional food for Chinese families all over the world.

Chinese Dumplings

Most Chinese families get together to celebrate great occasions such as Lunar New Year, festivities and other special occasions.

In all these cases they celebrate by preparing dumplings.

In addition to bringing good fortune, it also seems to bring wealth, as the shape of the Dumpling closely resembles that of a Chinese gold or silver ingot.

In China there has always been a custom of serving them for the Chinese New Year just before midnight to precisely wish good luck and wealth.


How To Make Homemade Dumplings (potstickers)

Making delicious dumplings at home is easier than you think!

You can make the dough at home, or you can buy ready-made dumpling wrappers at any Asian grocery store for a quick way to make it!

The next step is to prepare the dumpling filling, where you can indulge, from vegetarian to vegan but also with ground pork or chicken. 

Are dumplings Chinese or Japanese?

The dumpling, more commonly known as the pot sticker, originated in China.

How can you tell when dumplings are done?

A simple way to tell when your dumplings are done is to use a toothpick.

Stick the toothpick through the dumpling and pull it straight out.

If the toothpick comes out clean, they’re cooked.

What To Serve With Dumplings: 40+ Asian Dishes


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