Italian Christmas Desserts: 17 Of The Best Italian Dessert Recipes

Dinner and Christmas lunch do not end until dessert arrives on the table. Here is a collection of easy and delicious Italian Christmas desserts!

Lights, colors, gifts, perfumed incense and the laid tables.

Christmas is just around the corner!

The festivities at the end of the year are a wonderful time to stay warm and busy in the kitchen to prepare typical and traditional Christmas desserts.

Christmas brings delicious food to the table. And one of the most important parts of the Christmas food experience is definitely the dessert!

At Christmas, sweet foods are the masters, appearing on Italian tables and immediately filling all diners with festivity.

No matter how much you have eaten between appetizers, first courses, main courses and various other side dishe, the deliciousness takes over and there is always space for dessert.

Not only will it be a joy to eat them, but also to bake them, filling the house with that warm and enveloping aroma that immediately makes Christmas just feel like Christmas!

These desserts below will go perfect as a dessert in your home, or even as gifts to friends and family.

I wish you an Amazing Christmas and I hope you will bring to the table some of my Christmas sweets recipes!

17 Italian Christmas Desserts You Want To Make This Christmas

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#1 Panettone Italian Christmas Sweet Bread

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#2 Frittelle: Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Doughnuts

Found at Cristina’s cucina

#3 Authentic Italian Tiramisù Recipe

italian christmas dessert

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#4 Italian Chocolate Toto Cookies

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#5 Classic Italian Pizzelle Recipe

italian christmas dessert

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#6 Christmas Cannolis

Found at Busy little chefs

#7 Italian Christmas Cake

Found at Italian food forever

#8 Struffoli Italian Honey Balls

italian christmas dessert

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#9 Panforte

Found at Food and journeys

#10 Italian Christmas Cookies

italian christmas dessert

Found at The farm girl gabs

#11 Original Sicilian Cassata Cake 

Found at Solo dolce

#12 Italian Christmas Cake Pandoro Di Verona

italian christmas dessert

Fount at Golden Lucy Crafts

#13 Italian Coconut Cream Cake

Found at CC+Mike

#14 Pizza Dolce | Recipe | Italian Cheesecake

italian christmas dessert

Found at Stranded in Cleveland

#15 Panna Cotta

Found at Two cloves in a pot

#16 Panettone Bombe – Christmas Ice Cream Cake

italian christmas dessert

Found at Inside the rustic kitchen

#17 Nutty Nougat Recipe – Torrone Recipe

Found at Nonna box

And which dessert will you prepare for Christmas this year?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy cooking!

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