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The best recipes put together by The Bella Vita. Most of our recipes are authentic Italian recipes, passed down from generation to generation!

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Pasta Recipe With Fresh Tomatoes: A Quick And Tasty Meal

Pasta recipe with fresh tomatoes - a quick and delicious dinner that will always save the day. Do you want to prepare a simple and...
potato gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi: The Authentic Recipe

This potato gnocchi recipe is so easy you can make it twice in a row! Today we prepare a recipe that is easier than you...

Lasagna Recipe: The Traditional Italian Recipe

Lasagna recipe is the first course to which nobody can say no. Raise your hand if you have ever, at least once, gone for...

Creamy Broccoli Soup Recipe To Warm The Heart

Creamy broccoli soup is prepared by dicing vegetables and boiling them together with broccoli, halfway through cooking everything will be seasoned and once ready...
Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes: 20+ Delicious Family Recipes

Easy chicken dinner recipes. Today we've collected the best easy chicken recipes across the internet. Chicken is a very versatile food, and especially loved by adults...