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I’m Angie, welcome to The Bella Vita.

I am the one behind the recipes you will find here . 

I was born and raised in a small town in Sicily. 

The love of cooking runs in my family, my dad had a traditional Sicilan bar and my mom is an excellent cook.

Drawing of the family bar.

I grew up watching them cook. 

I went to a professional school for tourism, but working in tourism was not my destiny.

After school I started working as a waitress in different restaurants in my town, then in 2010 I started working in a kitchen as a cook, and I enjoyed it very much.

In 2012 I left Sicily and moved to Malta, where I also started working in restaurants there, but after a couple of months I had the opportunity to start a new career in a office 

But that was not my destiny either. 

Thanks to this job , I met the love of my life. 

Everything started from there. A new adventure was about to begin.

Together we had many new adventures together, and one of the most beautiful experiences together was living for a year in Asia.

And thanks to that trip The Bella Vita was born.


Many of the recipes you find are typical Italian dishes, but not only that. 

I love discovering new tastes and trying new recipes. 

One of my favorite recipes that I cook often is this pasta with broccoli, a typical Italian dish.

Another cuisine I love is Asian, between curries, spring rolls and dumplings, my fridge is never short of ginger and soy sauce. 

green curry
Thai Green Curry
pasta with broccoli on of the most popular pasta recipe
Pasta With Broccoli


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food group

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the bella vita

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