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Recipes With Eggs: 20+ delicious & Fast Recipes For A Quick Meal

Recipes with eggs come to your aid when you have little time to cook, but want to get your fill of energy.

Eggs, in fact, guarantee you a series of unique benefits, starting from the proteins that they contain. Discover recipes with eggs which are light, nutritious and above all, easy to prepare.

Eggs come with many nutrient benefits, such as:

  • Eggs contain proteins with a very high biological value.
  • They are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, an antioxidant as well as B1. They also contain important mineral salts, in particular phosphorus, calcium and sodium.
  • Eggs contain several antioxidants, for example flavonoids, which create a good defense against premature aging and cell degeneration.

Egg is a very important food in cooking all over the world.

It can be consumed alone or as an ingredient in the preparation of a great number of recipes with eggs, both savory and sweet.

The most used egg is surely the chicken egg, but eggs from those of other birds such as quail, ostrich, duck and goose are also consumed!

If you love this ingredient and you want to experiment with new and tasty recipes with eggs, you are in the right place.

29 Quick & Easy Recipes With Eggs

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#1 Quiche Lorraine Recipe

Quiche Lorraine is the best bacon and cheese quiche around.

It’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner and makes a delicious addition to the picnic basket.

#2 Classic Pickled Eggs

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Our family favourite Pickled Eggs are simple to make and are the perfect healthy snack for those on the go.

No canning required!

#3 Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs Recipe

Photo Credit:

Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs are perfect for those festive celebrations as an appetizer or creative snack for Game Day or as fun finger

food for a party!

#4 Ginger Egg Salad

Photo Credit: natalieshealth.comù

This Ginger Egg Salad is something special.

It’s super creamy and poping with fresh ginger flavor. Lovely lunch idea.

#5 Frittata

Photo Credit:

This hearty Frittata recipe is packed with flavor.

Creamy, fluffy eggs, savory bacon, fresh vegetables, and herbs, all cooked in one pan for an easy peasy meal!

#6 Sous Vide Poached Eggs

Photo Credit:

Oh perfect poached egg.

No swirling in vinegar water.

No standing over the stove worrying about over cooking.

And no wispy whites floating in the water.

Sous vide poached eggs are simply little miracles, every time.

Top them with an easy sous vide hollandaise – yum!

#7 The Best Breakfast Egg Muffin

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This recipe is a great blend of favorites that are great to serve for breakfast, lunch or even dinner!

#8 Stracciatella 

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Stracciatella is a very common addition to Italian chicken soup.

A light, egg based , frothy base is added at the last minute of cooking and is simply delicious!

Everyone who tries it, loves it!

#9 Eggs in Purgatory

Photo Credit:

Eggs in Purgatory is an easy Italian dish that uses basic pantry ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes.

These eggs poached in a tomato sauce make a delightful meal!

#10 Sweet Corn Polenta With Fried Egg

recipes with eggs
Photo Credit:

#11 Vegetarian Lentils With Egg Toast Recipe

Photo Credit:

#13 Eggs Florentine

Photo Credit:

#14 Healthy Breakfast Egg Muffins

recipes with eggs
Photo Credit:

Super yummy muffins!!

#15 Keto Deviled Eggs

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#16 Eggs In A Cloud With Cheddar & Chives

Photo Credit:

#17 Loaded Scrambled Eggs

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#18 Pasta Carbonara

Photo Credit:

A traditional Italian dish easy and fast to prepare, with only a few ingriedients you can create a delicious dish

#19 Baked French Eggs

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#20 Italian Eggs

Photo Credit:

A quick and tasty second course based on eggs cooked in a pan in tomato sauce.

This dish requires very few ingredients that are easily available at home: eggs, peeled tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and chili pepper.

For an even more delicious variant, you can add a slice of sweet provola cheese to the egg and let it melt for a few minutes before serving the dish.

#21 Baked Breakfast Potatoes 

Photo Credit:

#22 Cheesy Potato & Bacon Scotch Eggs

Photo Credit:

This eggs recipe is really cool in that it is served in single portions.

A very simple recipe, fast and at the same time impressive. The only caveat is that the dish should be eaten hot to enjoy all the flavors.

#23 Egg Drop Soup 

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#24 Turkish Menemen

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#25 Sweet Omelet

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#26 Frittata

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#27 Easy Egg Fried Rice

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#28 Bacon & Potato Quiche 

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#29 Buffalo Eggs

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