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The Best Italian Cookie Recipes Ever Made!

How good are cookies? At breakfast dipped in tea, milk or coffee, or crunched in all their crunchiness!

That’s why I decided to make this featured list of the best Italian Cookie Recipes.

A tour of Italy through typical italian cookie recipes!

22 Delicious Italian Cookie Recipes

Italian cookie recipes

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Italian Cookies are a vast world which contains an infinite number of traditions and a centuries-old gastronomic history.

You’ll be spoiled for choice because every Italian region has many recipes that vary from village to village, if not from family to family.

Italian cookie recipes

This is the beauty of our country, the wonderful variety that distinguishes the cuisine!

Italian cookies are an important part of Italian confectionery, each cookie encapsulates a story rooted in the place of origin.

What is the Italian name for cookie?


The term “biscotti” derives in fact from Latin: panis biscoctus, literally bread baked twice.

Italy is considered the homeland of cookies.

It is said in fact that the first ones to use special biscuit breads were Roman soldiers.

Are Italian cookies soft?

Not all.

In Italy we have different kinds of cookies.

You can find soft ones like almond cookies, but also hard ones like regina cookies.

How long do Italian cookies stay fresh?

Homemade cookies, if stored in a cool place, will last for as long as 3 weeks, provided they are stored in appropriate containers, such as glass or tin, with an airtight seal.

Can you freeze Italian cookies?

If you have baked homemade cookies with the purpose of storing them for a long time, you may choose, once they have cooled completely, to place them in a tightly sealed food bag and store them in the freezer for up to 6 months.

How do you eat frozen cookies?

Let them thaw by leaving them at room temperature, removing them from the bag and placing them on a plate or tray to bring them back to an even temperature.

What cookies should not be frozen?

Italian cookies with a liquid batter do not keep well in the freezer, such as fiorentine and pizzelle.

22 Italian Cookie Recipes Like Grandma Made

#1 Butter Biscuits

Italian cookies recipes

These cookies are soft, flavorful and full of rich, buttery goodness.

They are super easy and simple to make.

#2 Biscotti Regina Recipe – How to make Italian Sesame Cookies Recipe

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Biscotti Regina or Sicilian Reginelle Biscuits – Crispy and delicious Italian sesame seed coated cookies.

They are incredibly great with coffee or tea.

#3 Sponge Fingers (Homemade Savoiardi Biscuits)

Italian cookie recipes
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Sponge fingers are a light, airy cookie and wonderful with an espresso or cappuccino.

Also known as Savoiardi these cookies are the key to a great tiramisu!

#4 Italian Peach Cookies

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

Italian Peach Cookies are two soft cookies sandwiched together with pastry cream then dipped in liqueur to resemble a peach.

Traditionally served for holidays and special occasions!

#5 Ricciarelli (Italian Almond Biscuits)

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With their distinctive cracked shell, these orange flavoured Tuscan almond cookies have chewy centres and a crispy shell, and are very moreish!

#6 Paste di Mandorla (Sicilian Lemon Almond Cookies)

Photo Credit:

These Sicilian lemon scented cookies made from almond flour have crispy edges and soft and chewy centres.

They are naturally gluten free and dairy free.

#7 Pizzelle Recipe

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

This pizzelle recipe is flat crispy vanilla flavored cookies that are baked in an iron, then finished with a dusting of powdered sugar.

#8 Dark Chocolate Orange Biscotti Recipe

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

Dark Chocolate Orange Biscotti is a perfect anytime treat.

These Italian biscuits have a subtle orange flavor that pairs perfectly with the dark chocolate.

#9 Frappe or Cioffe: Italian Bow Tie Cookies

Photo Credit:

Cioffe or frappe are known by a plethora of names across Italy, but they are all delicious!

Light, crispy fried dough is dusted in powdered sugar for a traditional Italian treat!

#10 Amaretti Cookies

Photo Credit:

Soft and chewy, with a delicious almond flavor and naturally gluten free, those amaretti cookies are also super easy to make.

#11 Italian Anise Cookies with Sprinkles

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

Easy Italian Anise Cookies that everyone loves.

These classic cookies are soft with vanilla icing and sprinkles on top!

Keep Reading For More Italian Cookie Recipes

#12 Pignoli Cookies – Italian Pine Nut Cookies

Photo Credit:

This easy recipe for Pignoli Cookies is the traditional way to make authentic Italian pine nut cookies.

They are a soft and chewy cookie on the inside and have a slightly crispy texture on the outside.

#13 Florentine Cookies

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

Florentine cookies are so decadent and good.

Delicious lace cookies sandwiched with chocolate, dark, milk or white.

#14 Chocolate Marble Biscotti Recipe

Photo Credit:

This Chocolate Marbled Biscotti is the ultimate ‘breakfast dessert’ and is great for taking along to a breakfast potluck!

And it’s easy to make with pantry ingredients.

#15 Traditional Italian Ricotta Cookies Recipe

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

Soft, fluffy, cake-like Italian Ricotta Cookies are flavored with vanilla and a hint of almond and topped with an easy almond glaze.

They’re lovely on a Christmas cookie tray or year-round; just swap out the sprinkles for whatever fits the occasion!

#16 Italian Rainbow Cookies

Photo Credit:

If you’re from New York or New Jersey, you probably remember seeing Rainbow Cookies sold by the pound in every Italian Bakery.

They are as tasty as they are beautiful. They look impressive but are surprisingly easy to make.

#17 Italian Wedding Cookies

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

The perfect Holiday cookie, Italian wedding cookies are light as air and made with ground almonds, powdered sugar and lots of butter, making them sweet and irresistible.

#18 Italian Pistacchio Cookies

Photo Credit:

Sweet, chewy and fragrant with pistachios and a hint of citrus these pistachio cookies, or paste di pistacchio, are great as an afternoon treat with an espresso or after your favorite plate of pasta.

This recipe for Italian Pistachio cookies is easy to make and will transport you straight to Tuscany.

#19 Italian Cookies Canestrelli

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

Delicious Canestrelli cookies shaped as flowers.

They are easy to make and are typical in some parts of Northern Italy.

#20 Brutti ma Buoni (Ugly but Good Cookies)

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

Brutti ma Buoni (ugly but good) are delicious Italian cookies made with meringue and chopped hazelnuts.

They’re crispy and crunchy with a slight chew, deliciously sweet and totally addictive.

Made with just 3 simple ingredients and super easy to make!

#21 Authentic Italian Shortbread Cookies

Photo Credit:

These Italian whipped shortbread cookies will make your mouth water with delight.

They require only 20 minutes of hands-on time, and it is worth every second as these butter cookies are absolutely incredible!

#22 Cannoli Cookies | Italian Ricotta Cannoli Cookie

Italian cookie recipes
Photo Credit:

Cannoli Cookies are made with all of the cannoli flavors you love in a light and fluffy ricotta cookie! With pistachios, chocolate, orange zest, cinnamon and nutmeg, this Italian cookie is sure to be your new favorite.


italian cookies recipes

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