25+ Christmas Treats That You’ll Want To Prepare This Year

Christmas treats have always been synonymous with celebration.

christmas treats

Christmas is one of those occasions in which all dishes – if tasted together with one’s family – take on a taste unique in the world.

Here you will find a collection of recipes for tasty and delicious Christmas treats.

There are those that are easy to prepare and those that require a little more effort, those that are more classic and those that are more original in shape or ingredient.

But in any case these preparations will always be the sweet final note of a perfect Christmas menu that will not disappoint any of the diners.

25+ Christmas Treats For The Whole Family

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#1 Frittelle: Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Doughnuts

Photo Credit: www.christinascucina.com

#2 Christmas Jello

christmas treats
Photo Credit: cincyshopper.com

These Christmas Jell-O Cups are so incredibly simple to make for your Christmas parties and get-togethers.

#3 Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Candy Recipe

Photo Credit: saporitokitchen.com

#4 White Christmas, a no bake Christmas treat

christmas treats
Photo Credit: kidgredients.com.au

White Christmas is the perfect no bake slice for a treat! Deliciously crunchy and easy to make, it’s perfect for gifting or sharing.

#5 Christmas Tree Brownies

Photo Credit: www.thisfarmgirlcooks.com

Take your holiday baking game to the next level with these adorable Christmas Tree Brownies!!

Fudgy brownies are made into adorable Christmas trees that are a festive holiday treat!

#6 Christmas Dirt Cups Recipe

Photo Credit: dessertsonadime.com

Christmas dirt cups recipe is a really fun treat to make for the holidays.

These individual cups include decadent layers of pudding, cookies and more.

Each cup is topped with a Little Debbie Christmas tree for a festive dessert.

#7 Hershey Kiss Cookie Recipe

Photo Credit: sustainmycookinghabit.com

These Hershey kiss cookies are the perfect combination of shortbread with a sweet chocolate center.

#8 Easy Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

christmas treats
Photo Credit: theartoffoodandwine.com

Easy Chocolate Dipped Pretzels are great for gifting and fun to make with the kids.

#9 Gingerbread Spice Spritz Cookies

Photo Credit: sugarandcharm.com

A classic buttery, spritz cookie recipe with gingerbread flavor and spice.

#10 Coconut Rum Balls – No Bake Dessert

Photo Credit: aubreyskitchen.com

This no bake dessert is easy, quick and packed with coconut rum decadence.

Rum balls make the perfect holiday treat or DIY Christmas gift!

#11 Creamy Coconut Hot Chocolate with Coffee

christmas treats
Photo Credit: plantbasedandbroke.com

Hot Chocoate made with coconut milk and coffee is the perfect Christmas pick-me-up!

Made with dairy-free ingredients and ready in minutes.

#12 Easy Rudolph Red Nose Treats | Christmas Donut Holes

Photo Credit: www.movienightsathome.com

These easy no bake Rudolph Red Nose Treats are the perfect way to kickoff your Christmas party, breakfast, or movie night!

These Christmas donut holes are also so much fun to decorate together with your kids!

#13 Chocolate Dipped Holiday Pretzels

christmas treats
Photo Credit: www.beyondthechickencoop.com

Festive chocolate covered pretzels are perfect for adding to a dessert table or a Christmas cookie tray.

Great for getting the kids to help!

#14 Salted Chocolate Espresso Nut Clusters

Photo Credit: healthywithachanceofsprinkles.com

If you’re looking for a last-minute holiday recipe to bring to a party, look no further! No need to make a batch of cookies when you can whip up these salted chocolate espresso nut clusters.

Chocolate + Coffee + Nuts are the perfect holiday treat!

#15 Gingerbread Whoopie Pies With Eggnog Frosting

Photo Credit: frolicandfare.com

Your new favorite holiday cookie awaits you.

These gingerbread whoopie pies with eggnog frosting are soft, delicious treat filled with holiday flavors so they’re perfect to share this time of year with family and friends.

It even makes an amazing gift, and most definitely deserves a spot in your Christmas cookie box.

#16 Chocolate Salami

christmas treats
Photo Credit: www.marcellinaincucina.com

This Chocolate Salami recipe is a fun, no-bake Italian sweet.

It’s a delicious Christmas treat that’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

#17 Christmas Snack Mix

Photo Credit: whenisdinner.com

Muddy buddies, pretzels and holiday M&Ms combine to make this delicious Christmas treat.

Everyone will love this Rudolph chow snack.

#18 Christmas Bundt Cakes

Photo Credit: mamasonabudget.com

Do you want to impress your guests this holiday season?

You can with this Mini Christmas Bundt Cake.

Not only are they adorable, but they are also super simple to make!

#19 Christmas Puppy Chow with M&Ms (aka Reindeer Chow)

christmas treats
Photo Credit: crayonsandcravings.com

Christmas Puppy Chow is a beloved holiday snack that has the perfect mix of chocolate and peanut butter that you crave with the satisfying crunch of Chex mix and a sweet powdered sugar coating.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy holiday treat to make that will be a crowd-pleaser for all ages, this one is perfect!

#20 Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

Photo Credit: carameltintedlife.com

These red velvet cheesecake swirl brownies combine two of my favorite treats in one, making these an irresistible treat for the festive season!

#21 Christmas Rocky Road

Photo Credit: itsnotcomplicatedrecipes.com

This festive Christmas Rocky Road is an ideal sweet treat or edible gift.

This simple to prepare recipe is a favourite no-bake dessert for chocolate lovers.

A delicious dark and milk chocolate base is filled with marshmallows, cherries, coconut and pistachios.

The slice is topped with creamy white chocolate and decorated for the festive season.

#22 Chocolate Truffles {Easy Ganache Recipe}

christmas treats
Photo Credit: whatagirleats.com

Chocolate truffles are an easy and delicious holiday treat!

With just a few ingredients you can make a variety of flavors.

#23 Grinch Popcorn

Photo Credit: recipesfromapantry.com

Grinch Popcorn is easy to make and tastes like it came from a high-end candy shop.

It is the perfect holiday treat!

#24 Hot Chocolate Muddy Buddies

christmas treats
Photo Credit: www.sugarandsoul.co

These Hot Chocolate Muddy Buddies are made with marshmallow cream and hot cocoa mix before being tossed with mini marshmallows and snowcaps!

Prep this festive treat in only 15 minutes!

#25 Pistachio Baklava with Honey Orange Syrup

Photo Credit: www.wenthere8this.com

This homemade Pistachio Baklava is made with buttery layers of flaky phyllo dough, fresh ground pistachios, fragrant toasted cardamom, and drizzled in an orange honey syrup for the perfect amount of sweet.

#26 Eggless Christmas Tree Mini Cakes

Photo Credit: www.tipsnrecipesblog.com

Let the kids get into the festive spirit with these eggless Christmas tree mini cakes.

A perfect Christmas fun activity to enjoy the holidays!!!

#27 Christmas Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

christmas treats
Photo Credit: savingtalents.com

If you’re looking for a recipe for perfect sugar cookies this holiday season, then we’ve got you’ve covered!

These delicious but easy Christmas sour cream sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting are light and fluffy, and they are perfect for cutting into fun shapes with cookie cutters!

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, made of sharing, meetings, families gathered together to wish each other the best for the new year.

What’s better, then, than celebrating these moments with treats that always make everyone happy?

The Christmas treats that you find on the site will enrich your table, but can also be an inspiration if you are looking for recipes for Christmas treats to give as gifts; there really is something for all tastes, from cookies to cakes, and why not, even a nice Christmas cake to prepare during the holidays for unexpected guests.

Happy Holidays


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