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Easy Picnic Food Ideas: 25+ Recipes From Savoury To Sweet

Who doesn’t love the idea of a nice outdoor picnic?

These 20 picnic food ideas are perfect for making your picnic a special one.

picnic food

With beautiful sunny days on the way, there’s nothing more delightful than spending a day outside with the ones you love.

Picnics are something that each of us deserve, a day of relaxation of those in which you do not have to think about anything and you can stay and look at the blue sky.

Whether it’s a day out in the park or by the sea, a picnic organized to perfection should not miss a pinch of organization, joy and good food.

In the picnic basket we put fresh, light dishes that are easy to carry and eat.

Simple foods, touches of color that enrich sight and taste, quality raw materials – these are the ingredients for the perfect menu for an elegant picnic.

The trick in general is to find a “carry-on” picnic food that is easy to eat and doesn’t lose liquid or anything else in transit. And pair it with lots of samples and finger foods to combine it all.

Flavored waters and cold herbal teas instead of sugary or carbonated drinks give color and flavor to the picnic without weighing down unnecessarily.

Prepare the coffee beforehand and put it in a thermos.

Or, if it’s a particularly hot day, prepare iced coffee and iced tea for everyone.

Perfect Picnic: The Equipment Needed

  • A large blanket, such as a fleece blanket or one of those picnic blankets made of cloth on top and waterproof material on the bottom.
  • A paper tablecloth, to use on top of the blanket if you eat on the grass, or to use on the tables in the picnic areas.
  • Glasses, plates, cutlery and paper napkins.
  • Plastic bags for garbage: very important! All garbage must be collected and thrown in the appropriate bins.
  • A sharp knife for cutting bread, cold cuts and cheese.
  • Bottle opener, which is one of those things you often forget.
  • Water, wine, beer or soft drinks, possibly put inside a cooler, so they stay fresh.
  • Paper towels and wet wipes, especially if you have small children who can get dirty.
  • Anti-mosquito lotions, in order not to be ruined by the annoying insects.

Easy Picnic Food Ideas That You Will Love

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Happy picnin!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.