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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Pool Party Ideas For Adults

Pool party: the must for the summer!

We’re sharing everything you need to throw the best pool party this summer!

pool party ideas

The heat, the sun and the vacations increasingly just around the corner… there’s a desire to have fun, be outdoors and stay late.

And what better way to satisfy all these desires than with a pool party?

To make your party perfect though, you’ll need some tips and a few original ideas to make it beautiful and fun.

How To Organize The Best Pool Party

# Invitations

After deciding to throw the most amazing pool party, you want to let your friends know about this pool party. So we need to send some invitations, right?

Invitation cards for a pool party are a super original touch.

Here for you 5 invitations to download for free!

Printing your pool party invitations allows you to save yourself the time and money of searching for one in the store.

Pick one that fits your theme, fill in your party information on the computer or by hand, and send to all your guests!

Each invite opens as a PDF and can be saved to your computer for later use.

Use cardstock in your printer for a professional finish.

If you prefer to send them via whatsapp or email instead, save the pdf to your PC and edit by adding all the details of your pool party.

# Decor

Speaking of decorations, the budget issue always comes into play.

Sure your yard will already look great, but if you’re throwing a party it might look even better if dressed up for the occasion with some DIY decorations.

You don’t have to go overboard, but add a few things here and there to make sure it has the look of a party.

Here few ideas to create beautiful decorations for your pool party!

  • Put balloons in the pool
pool party ideas

The more colorful balloons there are the more festive this pool looks.

Balloons at a party are never enough, give a super colorful touch to your pool party.

Buy 300 ballons for $20.99 here!

  • Set Up A Photo Booth
pool party ideas

Create photo booths that will make your pool party even more unforgettable.

Here some ideas: DIY Photo Booth Backdrops: The Ultimate List (80 Step-By-Step Tutorials)

  • Hang string lights over the pool
pool party ideas

This type of pool party is best done at night. It’s all about the lights. Lanterns by the pool, floating candles in the water, mood lights on the tables.

Buy here some lights for your pool party!

# Food & Drink

pool party ideas

Essential to the success of a party are the food and drinks.

Especially if the party is during the day, serve fresh foods, fruits and veggie dip, and avoid creams and sauces that can spoil in the higher temperatures.

If you’re going to serve ice cream or popsicles, do it right before you consume them.

Here are a few easy & delicious ideas:

About the drink part, the new trend proposes fresh and colorful cocktails, especially when it’s hot.

Don’t hesitate, for a nice presentation, to serve the cocktails in a Mason jar with colored straws: the result is extraordinary!

pool party ideas

Little trick for cocktails: in a bowl, put strawberries with some fresh mint and pour some lemonade… You will create a kind of punch, to be served with a ladle.

It will be a super yummy drink!

Here more Homemade Summer Cocktails.

# Fun Games

pool party ideas

Decide what activities to set up for your guests depending on the time of day and the theme you choose for the party.

Here we give you three ideas for fun activities to do while taking advantage of the pool:

  • Handball with inflatables

Place two handball goals on either side of the pool, throw an inflatable ball into the water and divide into two teams.

An ageless game, you just need a net and a ball!

  • Water bombs

When the temperature rises, there’s nothing better than a water-filled balloon race.

It will be a lot of fun I assure you.

And Finally: The Perfect Playlist!

pool party ideas

A pool party needs to be accompanied by the right music. Again, it will depend on the type of party you’re throwing.

Read about our ideas for musical entertainment for your pool party!

  • The guest playlist

When you get confirmations from those coming to your pool party, ask each person for one or two of their favorite songs to put together to create the party playlist.

The result will be a mix that’s perhaps unlikely, but certainly fun.

  • Great hits from all decades

With this kind of playlist you can be sure: the greatest hits are loved… and they make everyone sing!

Ranging from the sacred monsters of rock, from Queen to the Beatles, to the summer songs of the moment.

You’ll get even the shyest people into karaoke!

Let’s gooooooooo!

Now you know everything about how to organize a nice pool party, so you can freely launch into the preparations!

Do you have any other pool party ideas for adults?

Share below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.