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The Best Things To Do In Malta! Beautiful Island In The Mediterranean

The Best Things To Do In Malta, an island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea!

the best things to do in Malta

With an area of just 315.6 square kilometers, Malta is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world.

During the history, the geographical position of Malta has given great importance to the archipelago, which has undergone the succession of Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Aragonese, Knights of Malta, French and English.

In the country you can find three sites declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites: The capital Valletta, the megalithic temples and the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni.

History and nature make this little island simply fantastic and waiting to be discovered!

Below is a special list with things to do and see in beautiful Malta.

Happy reading!

The Best Thing To Do In Malta You Should Not Miss

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#1 Visit the Capital City Of Valletta

Valletta is truly a wonderful city to see, both during the day and at night.

It is probably my favorite part of Malta!

This charming city is a perfect destination for those who love art, the history of the Mediterranean and its culture.

The best choice is to take the morning to walk around the streets of the historic center, an intricate network of narrow alleys that embrace the entire peninsula where the city developed, within the ancient sixteenth-century ramparts.

Among ancient buildings, cobbled streets and suggestive baroque churches, strolling around Valletta feels like a journey back in time.

A must-see destination on a walk around Valletta is the Upper Barraka Garden, a spectacular public garden built on the ancient ramparts of the St. Peter and Paul Fortress.

#2 Fall in Love With Mdina & Rabat

Located in the center of Malta, the village of Mdina has a special and charming atmosphere.

Named the City of Silence, Mdina is one of the most representative examples of ancient fortified cities in Europe, and is extraordinary in its perfect combination of medieval and baroque architecture.

Less touristy, Rabat is no less a vibrant city bordering Mdina.

Rabat plays a fundamental role for its enormous cultural heritage.

There are many important archaeological sites in Rabat: the Roman Villa, the Catacombs, the Cave of St. Paul and the many churches and monasteries.

#3 Have a party In Sliema & St Julian’s

These two locations are mostly known for being must-visit Maltese entertainment destinations.

Places to enjoy shopping, restaurants, cafes and especially places to stay up all night, taking advantage of the many entertainment options that these cities offer.

A little distance from each other, connected by a beautiful waterfront, Sliema and St. Julian’s are two locations located north of the capital of Malta, and are known as the undisputed queens of nightlife.

In St. Julian’s the fulcrum of the nightlife is consumed in the area known as Paceville.

In Sliema, however, the meeting point is The Strand, an area where there are many clubs and where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the fortifications of Valletta, which is located on the other side of the coast.

#4 Photograph & Swim In Ghajn Tuffieha

the best things to do in Malta

Ghajn Tuffieha, also known as Riviera Bay, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Malta.

It is a large beach of light golden sand that dips into the crystal clear sea that surrounds Malta.

There is a possibility of walking up the side of the promontory that closes and divides this bay from the one next to it, Gnejna.

To do so, just go to the end of the beach and climb the small paths that wind uphill through the shrubs and the dry land.

Once up, you will find yourself at the top of the promontory from which to enjoy a unique view of both Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and nearby Gnenja Bay.

A stop to admire the landscape and take some photos is a must!

#5 Take A Boat Into The Blue Grotto

Blue grotto is a natural attraction in Zurrieq. Its deep waters and crystal clear sea make it a magnificent tourist attraction.

A group of 7 caves, makes this place one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Malta, the real beauty of the place can be seen in the beautiful clear and sunny days.

This is when the magic happens; the blue of the sky is reflected on the white sandy bottom below the caves, creating vibrant blue and cobalt waters.

#6 Take A Long Walk In Dingli Cliffs

If you are looking for breathtaking views, you can’t miss the wonderful panorama of the Dingli Cliffs, located near the village of Dingli.

It is the highest point among all the islands of Malta, 253 meters above sea level.

Extending from the coast to the village of Dingli, the cliffs are huge and extend for more than 2 kilometers from Bahria and Mungar.

To make the scenery even more impressive, visit the cliffs of Digli at sunset, the rocks overhanging the sea, the silence, the sea and the sky that are colored with unique shades.

A spectacular sight not to be missed!

#7 Organize A Nice Picnin In Buskett Gardens

the best things to do in Malta

Buskett Gardens is a discovery when you go there for the first time.

Malta’s only wooded area, the name Buskett Gardens comes from the Italian word boschetto, meaning “little wood”.

The gardens were planted by the Knights of St. John as a hunting ground; today they are a popular destination for the Maltese, and the groves of Aleppo pines, oaks, olive and orange trees offer shady spots for picnics in summer and orange-scented walks in winter.

Every year, on the 29th of June there is a religious feast “Imnarja’s Feast”, which remembers the martyrdom of St. Peter and Paul, many people reach “the grove” and celebrate with the traditional rabbit stew, listening and singing traditional folk music.

The Buskett is a destination not to be missed in Malta, if you love the tranquility the suggestion is to visit it on weekdays, it will be a pleasant day in the green, recommended on hot summer days.

#8 Discover Gozo

the best things to do in Malta

Gozo is the second most important island of the Maltese archipelago.

Gozo can be reached by a ferry from Valletta or Cirkewwa with crossing of less than half an hour.

Despite its small size, Gozo is only 14 km long for a length of 7 km, Gozo manages to attract many tourists thanks to its charm and the many things to do.

Gozo has a thousand facets: in fact, the rocky wilderness is flanked by small towns that catapult back in time. To all this, we must add, sandy beaches with crystal clear water.

One thing which absolutely must be visited is The Citadel, in Vittoria the capital. It is the highest point of the whole city, reachable through a steep slope.

The Citadella is an ancient fortification, whose entrance is delimited by a stone arch built in 1956.
Inside the Citadel you will also be able to visit three museums and the old prisons, all in the beautiful scenery of the ramparts and high defensive walls.

To see absolutely Dwejra, Where we used to be able to admire the blue window.

Another place not to be missed is Ramla Bay, surely the most beautiful beach of all Gozo.

There is so much to see in Gozo that I’m sure I’ll soon write another article dedicated only to this beautiful little island.

#9 Eat & Drink Like a Maltese

There is only one essential premise: in Malta you can eat a lot and very well!

Maltese cuisine is the result of a fusion of different ethnic groups and tastes, but above all of the numerous foreign invasions suffered during the centuries, Malta offers a good choice of traditional dishes all to be discovered.

The typical Maltese dish par excellence are the “Pastizzi”.

This typical snack made with puff pastry can be stuffed with ricotta cheese or mashed peas, is eaten hot at the typical “pastizzerie” that you will find everywhere around the city.

If you are a cheese lover you cannot miss Gbejniet, an excellent goat cheese, a typical product of Malta, has a strong taste, but at the right point and can be eaten as an appetizer, but also as an ingredient for more elaborated dishes.

To absolutely try the typical Maltese style rabbit, which is cooked in different and tasty, stewed with tomato, or simply baked.

Another typical dish in Malta is Lampuki fish is a typical blue fish of Maltese waters which resembles tuna. This local deliciousness is eaten fresh, fried or grilled.

Finally, I absolutely cannot forget about the Maltese bread!

It’s not really a typical dish, but I can assure you that in Malta it’s delicious! Crunchy outside and soft inside…a real treat!

Accompany everything with a good drink, the national drink is the Kinnie, a non-alcoholic very similar to chinotto with an amber color and sparkling tasty, while the local beer par excellence is the Cisk, a light beer at low fermentation, with a golden color, balanced and with a distinctive character.

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