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Recycled Projects: 25 DIY Ideas That Actually Make A Difference

Original DIY ideas to transform home thanks to recycled projects.

recycled projects

Glass, plastic, wood, paper and cardboard are very precious materials that we can recover and reuse thanks to creative recycling, which will give life to many projects.

Also, we must not forget the possibility of reusing old clothes and fabrics to give life to our creations.

Sometimes all it takes is a little creative DIY homework to improve the furnishings in your home, decorate it and give it a touch of personality.

With a little imagination and the right waste materials, thanks to recycled projects, you can make objects, gifts, decorations, furniture and accessories for the home.

With the art of recycled projects, you can give new life to objects or materials so that you can turn them into something really special.

Discover so many ideas for recycled projects with the collection below.

These creative recycled projects will help you save money and resources in your daily life.

So next time you plan on throwing something in the trash, first think if you could recycle it into something awesome for your home!

25 Beautiful Recycled Projects For Your Home

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#1 Use Old CDs for Mosaic Recycled Projects

Found at Instructables

A beautiful mosaic created with old CDs what a wonderful idea!

#2 Easy Recycled Magazine Basket

recycled projects

Found at Craft Invaders

How to recycle paper from newspapers and magazines and get beautiful objects – here’s how!

#3 DIY Recycled Tin Can Ideas

Found at Instru Pix

There are really numerous ways to reuse the jars, and for you this beautiful tutorial!

#4 Recycled Crisp Packet Apron DIY

recycled projects

Found at Vicky Myers Creations

It’s just lovely!

#5 Curtain Pull Backs From Old CD/DVDs

Found at Craft Your Happiness

#6 Leather Boots Into A Handbag

recycled projects

Found at Upcycle My Stuff


#7 Recycled Can Bird Feede

Found at Momtastic

#8 Way To Reuse Wine Bottles

recycled projects

Found at Reuse Grow Enjoy

Transforming an ordinary glass wine bottle into an original table lamp has never been so easy!

#9 Cup Recycling | Start Seeds in Cups

Found at Fresh Rggs Daily

#10 Tin Can Into Retro Lamps

recycled projects

Found at Recyclart

This lamp will give a touch of originality to your home, it is super beautiful.

Would you believe that you can make it too?

#11 Make A Basket Out Of Plastic Bags

Found at Instructables

We all have plastic bags, here is this beautiful basket to make it.

#12 DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire

recycled projects

Found at Practically Functional

Your little friend will surely like it.

#13 Recycle Old Magazines Into Beautiful Bowls

recycled projects

Found at Living On The Cheap

#14 Recycled Jean DIY E-Reader Cover

Found at Hello Glow

Transform your jeans which are now too tight or worn out. From the fabric and other materials of the clothes that we no longer use, we can get beautiful accessories for us

#15 How To Make A No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

Found at Mommypotamus

#16 Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Found at Welcome To Nana’s

This is a really widely used object for creative recycling.

First of all, the availability of plastic bottles is, unfortunately, practically infinite.

With creative recycling, however, you can make bottles become a new object, like this beautiful Bird Feeder

#17 Make Bracelets From Recycled T-shirts

recycled projects

Found at Crafts By Amanda

Beatiful idea for a DIY present!

#18 Recycle Newspaper Into Gorgeous Notecards

Found at Happy Deal Happy Day

#19 Teacup Candles

recycled projects

Found at Budget Savvy Diva

#20 Teacup Clock Tutorial

Found at Retropolitanhip

A super original clock that you can create with your own hands!

#21 Starburst Mirror Project

recycled projects

Found at Kaleidoscope Of Colors

Old cutlery, unused kitchen items but also plastic plates and other typical kitchen waste deserve to be reused in a creative way whenever possible because they often represent materials that are still very valuable.

#22 Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Found at Single girls diy

#23 Recycled Can Cutlery Holder

recycled projects

Found at Home-Dzine


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.