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Genius Kitchen Hacks: 17 Amazing Ideas You Will Love

These kitchen hacks have helped me so often that I felt I absolutely needed to share it with you all!

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How many times do we ask ourselves “how could I not have thought of this before?”

That’s what runs across my mind every time I discover yet another amazing hack to use in the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the places where I spend most of my time, and it’s nice to always discover kitchen hacks that will save your time (and your sanity) in the kitchen.

That way you’ll have more time to prepare your own recipes, or relax with a nice glass of wine!

From fixing common food problems, to slicing up veggies, these hacks actually do work.

Trust me!

17 Best Kitchen Hacks

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Below are my 17 favorite kitchen hacks to use every single day!

#1 A Hack For Slicing Cherry Tomatoes

Found at Food 52

#2 Make Cheese Grating Easier

kitchen hacks

Make grating semisoft cheeses like mozzarella easy. Just put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. It will be much easier to grate this way, and easier to grip!

#3 Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs In Olive Oil

Found at The Kitchn

#4 How To Keep Your Bread Fresh

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Bread is an ingredient that lends itself to preparing light and simple dishes. Do not miss the opportunity to prepare a delicious dish because you let it go bad.

To best preserve the bread, just put it in a plastic bag with a celery stalk and close it very well.

This way the bread absorbs the moisture from the celery and will keep it in good condition.

Since celery does not have much taste, it will not alter the bread’s flavor.

#5 Keep Vegetables Fresh With Paper Towels

Line the bottom of the fridge with paper towels.

They will absorb excess moisture and help keep the vegetables fresh.

#6 Lemon Trick

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If you only need a few drops of lemon juice, don’t cut it in half. It will dry quickly.

Instead, pierce the fruit with a metal needle or anything similar and squeeze out exactly the amount you need.

#7 Sharpens Knives Effortlessly

Did you know that knife blades can be sharpened using the bottom of a teacup or bowl?

The important thing is that the bottom is unpolished ceramic.

Turn the cup upside down and sharpen the knife in a super easy way.

#8 Fresh Eggs Anyone?

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Use this test to see if the eggs you want to use are fresh.

Place your egg into a glass of water:

  • If the egg is very old then it will float.
  • If the egg is dated, it will remain, as if suspended, in the middle of the glass.
  • If the egg will remain permanently at the bottom of the glass then it is a fresh egg.

#9 Fresh Wine Always

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It’s hot and you want your wine to be nice and cool?

If you have any wine left over, don’t throw it away!

Put it in the ice boxes: this way you’ll get ready-to-use wine cubes to add to your warm glass of wine, or you can also freeze some grapes and use them as ice cubes.

#10 Do You Need Icing Sugar?

You have to prepare a recipe where you need icing sugar and you don’t have any left?

No problem, you can make it at home from caster sugar: just chop it in the blender until it is pulverized.

#11 Super Easy Potato Peeling Trick

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To peel the potatoes in the blink of an eye, boil them, drain them and immediately immerse them in a bowl full of water and ice cubes.

After 2 minutes, drain them and you will see that the peel will come off very easily.

#12 Avoid Water Leaks From Your Pot

How many times has pasta cooking water leaked from the pot because of the violent boiling?

To avoid this inconvenience, place a wooden spoon on top of the pot, arranged diagonally. This will prevent the water from escaping.

#13 Stop Crying With Onions

Put the onions under cold water before chopping them, it will help your eyes!

Wet the knife you cut the onions with, too.

It helps to wipe away the tears!

#14 Remove The Stem From The Strawberries With A Straw

kitchen hacks

Removing the strawberry stem is a very simple process – just push a straw through the fruit from the bottom to the top, where the stem will be removed.

Super easy hack!

#15 Hard Ice Cream? No Problem!

Soak the spoon in hot water, then dry it. The heated spoon will soften the ice cream and collect a portion without difficulty.

#15 Ice Coffee? Yes Please

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Make a fresh pot of coffee and freeze it into cubes.

Have you ever tried the Frozen Cafe Au Laits?

The famous cafe is located in New Orleans, but you don’t have to travel far to replicate this frozen treat.

Only three ingredients are needed for this delicious iced coffee.

A must try!

#16 To Much Salt in Your Soup? No Problem

Too much salt in your curry or soup?

Peel a whole potato and put it in the hot soup, it will absorb the excess salt. When done cooking your meal, remove the potato and throw away.

#17 Pizza Too Dry?

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Yesterday there was a lot of pizza leftover and could be lunch used for lunch the next day?

Warm up the leftover pizza slices in the microwave with a cup of water (two-thirds full) for less than a minute.

The water provides the moisture that keeps the pizza moist.

Have you tried any of these hacks before?

Let me know, and if you have more hacks write in the comment.


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