The Best Risotto Recipes You’ll Want To Make For Dinner Tonight

Risotto is one of the most famous and loved dishes of the Italian tradition. For this reason today I have created a list with many delicious risotto recipes.

risotto recipes

The preparation of risotto may seem difficult, but it is not that difficult. The important thing is to follow the steps very precisely to have success with a good risotto.

Here I give you the steps to follow:


The soffritto is made with carrots, onions and celery, and cooked in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. The soffritto, in the Italian style, must be cooked on a very low and slow fire, as this helps to release all the flavors.


Toasting is the step which makes the difference between risotto and boiled rice, as it allows to “seal” the grain and make it release the right quantity of starch. Rice can be toasted without fats or other seasonings, or by using oil or butter.


In order to obtain a perfect risotto, it is necessary to cook the rice by progressively adding broth as it evaporates or is absorbed. This is because it is fundamental that during cooking the grains are always covered by broth, in order to free the starch and not to break.


For the creaming of risotto, very cold butter should be used, in order to make the fat part stick and not the liquid part. It should be stirred away from the heat, together with a generous dose of Parmesan cheese.

Follow these steps and you will be able to prepare any type of risotto.

From my personal experience, I also recommend you to fade the rice with a little wine before cooking it with the broth, it will make your risotto even more tasty!

Once the basic steps are understood, it is possible to prepare an excellent risotto with an infinite number of ingredients.

Indeed, besides the more traditional ones with saffron, pumpkin and mushrooms, it is possible to prepare appetizing risottos with every kind of vegetable and fruits that nature makes available.

In short, from the stages of cooking to the choice of ingredients, risotto represents an immense universe.

Are you ready to discover which are the best risotto recipes that you can prepare at home?

Below you will find the best risotto recipes, for a special meal!

20 Risotto Recipes That Will Delight Your Palate

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