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Halloween Snack Recipes That Are Easy And Spooky 

Looking for some yummy ideas for halloween snack recipes?

Boo!! You are on the right page!

Halloween snack recipes Collection

From sweets to savory snacks!

This Halloween snack recipes collection is amazing, made up of quick and easy to make, yet very scenic dishes!

Halloween Snack Recipes To Delightfully Spook Your Guests

If you want to throw a Halloween party, we give you many recipes for Halloween snacks that you can offer to “terrify” your guests in the most appetizing way ever!

Then you just have to choose from our Halloween recipe suggestions for the spookiest day of the year!

Free Halloween Recipe Card

halloween snack recipes recipe card

#1 Witch Hat Cookies

halloween snack recipes hat

These witch hat cookies are super easy and oh so cute!

They make the perfect sweet treat for your Halloween party!

#2 Halloween Chocolate Covered Strawberries


These halloween chocolate covered strawberries are a fun and simple dessert for any special occasion!

#3 Halloween Monster Mash Party Mix

halloween snack recipes party mix

This Halloween Monster Mash Party Mix is a little creepy, a whole lot of fun, and has a little something for everyone.

Just 5 minutes to throw together, enjoy at your next Halloween party or give to friends and teachers in cute little gift bags for a sweet Halloween surprise

#4 Easy Peanut Butter Spider Cookies For Halloween


These spider cookies are so easy to make and fun to share!

Made with homemade or store bought cookies for a quick and spooky snack!

#5 Halloween Spider Web Dip

halloween snack recipes dip

Halloween Spider Web Dip will have your little monsters snacking away with delight.

This Tex-Mex-style appetizer is quick and easy to make and tons of fun to decorate.

#6 Hocus Pocus Cookies – No Bake Cookie


These cute and easy no bake Halloween black cat cookies are perfect for a Hocus Pocus movie night, Halloween party, or classroom treat!

#7 Ghostly Halloween Fruit Dip

halloween snack recipes goast

With only three ingredients, this quick, easy, healthy fruit dip is fantastic for Halloween parties … or just for fun snacking!

With great ideas for spook-tacular fruit you can serve alongside, too!

#8 Halloween Charcuterie Board: CharBOOterie


This Halloween charcuterie board is so fun and full of eerie eats and treats.

Everyone will love this spooky spread!

#9 Mummy Oreo Cookie Balls

halloween snack recipes Oreo cookie

Irresistible and rich, these spooktacular Mummy Oreo Cookie Balls are a wickedly good Halloween treat and are easy to make.

Coated in vanilla almond bark and filled with cream cheese and crushed Oreos they’re perfect for a party, especially a Halloween charcuterie board.

#10 Mummy Hot Dogs


Take lunch to a spooky level with these fun mummy hot dogs!

#11 Halloween Bagel 

halloween snack recipes bagel

A Halloween bagel bar is such a fun and simple snack idea!

Create creepy bagels that are just as delicious as they are cute.

#12 Spooky Brownie Bats Bites


This totally no bake snack is the perfect Halloween dessert.

Make Spooky Brownie Bat Bites with simple ingredients from the grocery store.

#13 Vampire Teeth Cookies 

halloween snack recipes

Vampire Teeth Cookies are the perfect spooky snack for Halloween!

They’re fun and easy to make with just a few simple ingredients and the kids will love them.

#14 Spooky Spider Donuts


Looking for easy Halloween treats that will delight your family?

You need to make these Spooky Spider Donuts!

#15 Jack-O-Lantern Oven Quesadillas

halloween snack recipes quesadillas

This 3 ingredients only Halloween dinner idea can be made in less than 30 minutes and is a perfectly cheesy option for all the candy.

Jack-O-Lantern Oven Quesadillas are not only kid-friendly but a great dinner for the whole family to grab before heading out to trick-or-treat.

#16 Spooky Halloween Popcorn Balls


These popcorn balls are the perfect snack idea for a Halloween party or movie night!

Fresh popcorn is tossed with a soft, vanilla caramel and wrapped in spooky marshmallow spider webs and chocolate spiders!

You can also turn use candy eyes to make mummy popcorn balls.

A great Halloween idea for kids and so fun to make and eat!

#17 Mummy Pizzas


Halloween Mummy Pizzas are SUCH an easy Halloween recipe.

You only need 4 simple ingredients and 15 minutes for these easy Halloween Pizzas made with pita bread crust.

#18 Spooky Ice Cream Sandwiches

halloween snack recipes

hese bat ice cream sandwiches are such a fun and easy halloween dessert idea!

Grab a cookie cutter and some fun decorations and you’ll bring your store bought treats to the next level!

#19 Halloween Crackers


Looking for a fun and spooky snack this Halloween season? These spider crackers are the perfect fit!

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