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47 Easy Christmas Snacks for the Holiday Season

As we count down to Christmas, I know Christmas snacks and appetizers are top of mind for all your Christmas parties.

After over a decade of experience in the kitchen, I’ve learned how important it is to quickly whip up impressive snacks that look and taste great, especially during this time of year.

These Christmas snacks, from savory snacks to sweet snacks, will surely be a hit. 

Christmas snack ideas – 47 delicious snacks 


Savory snacks

#1 Puff Pastry Christmas Tree 

A Christmas tree with pesto is a delicious festive snack or Christmas appetizer.

The green color of the pesto mimics the look of a real tree while adding cherry tomatoes or other colorful toppings adds a pop of holiday cheer. 

#2 Santa Veggie Tray

Add this healthy Santa Veggie Tray to your Christmas gatherings.

This adorable snack board is filled with veggies, olives, and hummus dip for easy snacking during the Christmas holidays.

#3 Healthy Charcuterie Board Christmas Tree How To

I am ready to impress your guests at holiday parties with my charcuterie board Christmas tree!

It’s a super easy appetizer that will steal the spotlight.

I’ve carefully arranged a variety of your favorite cheeses, cured meats, and fresh fruit into the shape of a festive tree.

This adorable and delicious charcuterie board will bring that extra holiday cheer to your table.

#4 Christmas Tree Appetizers

Christmas Tree Appetizers feature a delightful arrangement of star-shaped puff pastry layers adorned with a festive combination of egg, ham, and cheese.

This charming tower is not only visually appealing but also provides a perfect addition to your festive table!


This cheesy appetizer sculpture, made with cream cheese, cheddar, bacon, and green onions, requires only 10 minutes of preparation.

It’s a fuss-free appetizer that’s adored!

#6 Christmas Wreath Cheese Board Charcuterie

This simple wreath cheese board comes together quickly with quick grab, store-bought items.

Take advantage of the super easy pepperoni rose tutorial!

#7 Christmas Tree Dip

A perfect snackin’ dip for any gathering – or to impress your family for a holiday game night!

It’s adorable and fun and quite easy to make, too!


A fun and festive appetizer that combines cheese to create a Christmas tree shape.

Perfect for cheese lovers!


Add a twist to your holiday appetizers with these cute little Christmas trees.

#10 Christmas Guacamole Wreath Appetizer

This Christmas guacamole wreath appetizer is a festive twist on a classic favorite.

#11 Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread

A crowd-pleasing snack made with pull-apart bread stuffed with cheese and herbs.

It’s a fun and perfect way to enjoy bread at your Christmas gathering.

#12 Cranberry Brie – festive Bites Recipe

These cranberry brie bites are necessary if you enjoy the sweet and savory flavors.


It is a crunchy and addictive snack that combines candied bacon, nuts, and a sweet caramel coating.

It’s a unique and indulgent festive treat for bacon lovers.

#14 Parmesan Bread Bites

These bite-sized snacks are the ultimate cheesy snack for the holidays.

Sweet snacks


This Christmas snack covers all bases. It’s a sweet, salty, and crunchy mix of pretzels, candy, and cereal for the ultimate sweet snack mix.

Give as gifts or make for a Christmas party.

#16 Cinnamon Honey Butter Board

Butter Boards have become the latest sensation, taking over from charcuterie boards as the newest viral trend on TikTok and the internet.

This recipe takes this trend to a festive level, blending softened butter with sweet honey and aromatic cinnamon to create a delightful cinnamon honey butter board.

It’s a fun and tasty treat that’s perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your Christmas festivities.


Candy cane popcorn is a delicious holiday snack using only 5 ingredients!

Sweet and tingly from the peppermint, you’ll look forward to this once-a-year treat.

#18 Chocolate Covered Strawberry Penguins

These strawberry penguins are the cutest holiday snack and only require 5 simple ingredients and 20 minutes of prep time!

#19 Gingerbread Candied Nuts

These candied nuts are an easy snack to make, and they are also festive with gingerbread spice.

As a bonus, they make a fantastic homemade gif.

#20 Salty Christmas White Trash Recipe With Almond Bark

This Christmas White Trash Recipe is quick, customizable, and irresistibly sweet and salty; it’s the perfect festive snack for sharing or gifting.

#21 Holiday Cinnamon Almonds Recipe

These cinnamon almonds are the perfect snack for the holidays.

They are crunchy, sweet, and tasty enough to share with friends and family!


A creative charcuterie board-packed sweet snack mix is one of my favorite festive snacks to serve during the holidays.

#23 Banana Snowmen

These cute banana snowmen are a great, easy holiday snack for kids and adults!


Christmas chocolate balls! A no-bake festive snack perfect for the holidays.

This is a great favorite Christmas treat recipe that everyone will enjoy.

#25 Christmas Pretzel Hugs

Christmas Pretzel Hugs, a delightful mix of sweet and salty flavors, offer a festive and enjoyable snack perfect for the Christmas season.

#26 Chocolate Dates Recipe

Medjool dates, known for their luxuriously soft, sweet, and sticky texture, harmonize exquisitely with the sharpness of dark chocolate.

You create a simple yet impressively elegant chocolate dates recipe by incorporating golden, chopped nuts.

#27 Celery Reindeer Snacks

These Celery Reindeer Snacks are so cute and easy to make.

They’re the perfect Christmas snack for kids.

#28 Green Apple Christmas Tree Snack

This apple slice Christmas tree snack is fun for both kids and adults!

It’s balanced, festive, and so easy to make!

#29 Watermelon Christmas Trees

Who says Christmas snacks can’t be healthy?

These adorable treats are refreshing and festive.

#30 Chocolate Salami

This unique snack resembles a salami but is made with crushed biscuits, nuts, cocoa powder, and chocolate.


If you’re craving something sweet and flaky, these puff pastry cinnamon twists are the answer.

#32 Mini Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Trees

Mini puff pastry Christmas trees filled with creamy Nutella.

They are cute, delicious, and perfect for chocolate lovers.


Short on time but still want to impress your guests?

These easy, no-bake chocolate pretzel trees are the perfect solution.


This sweet treat just got a festive makeover with this Christmas tree version.

#35 Holiday Yogurt Bark

For a healthier but still delicious option, try this holiday yogurt bark.

#36 Cranberry Jam Filled Christmas Tree Puff Pastries

Flaky puff pastry filled with tangy cranberry jam and shaped into cute Christmas tree shapes.

These pastries are a delightful combination of sweet and tart.

#37 Christmas Fruit Kabobs

Skewers of fresh fruits in festive colors, such as strawberries, bananas, and grapes.

They are a refreshing and vibrant snack for the holiday season.

#38 Christmas Pretzels

It’s a fun snack.

#39 Reindeer Chocolate Dipped Graham Crackers

Graham crackers dipped in melted chocolate and decorated to resemble reindeer faces.

They are a fun and adorable snack for kids and adults alike.

#40 Popcorn With White Chocolate

Popcorn with white chocolate and sprinkled with holiday-themed candies.

It’s a sweet and addictive snack for movie nights or holiday gatherings.


A creamy and flavorful dip,

#42 S’mores Puppy Chow Recipe

Get ready for a festive twist on the classic snack – puppy chow!


Warm up with a cozy cup of hot chocolate during the holiday season.

Top it with whipped cream, marshmallows, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder for an extra indulgent treat.

#44 Saltine Toffee

Saltine toffee is a delicious and simple dessert made by layering saltine crackers with a sweet toffee mixture and then topping it with chocolate.

The saltiness of the crackers perfectly complements the sweetness of the toffee and chocolate, creating a perfect balance of flavors.

It’s an easy-to-make treat perfect for a party or as a sweet snack anytime.

#45 Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Crunchy pretzels coated in smooth chocolate and sprinkled with festive toppings like crushed candy canes or colorful sprinkles.

They are a sweet and salty treat that is easy to make and perfect for gifting.

#46 Reindeer Chow

A sweet and salty snack mix enjoyed during the holidays.

Perfect for the Christmas movie marathon.


Create a unique and edible gingerbread house using Pop-Tarts as the base. 


Can I make these Christmas snacks ahead of time?

Yes, many of these snacks can be made ahead of time and stored until ready to serve. This makes them convenient for holiday entertaining.

 Are these snacks suitable for kids?


These snacks are kid-friendly and can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Get them involved in the preparation process for some fun Christmas activity.

Can I customize these snacks with different ingredients?

Definitely! Feel free to get creative and customize these snacks to your liking. Add your favorite toppings, swap ingredients, or adjust seasonings to suit your preferences.

These Christmas snacks are delicious and easy to make, making them perfect for busy cooks who want to impress their guests.

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas dinner or looking for treats to enjoy with your family, these snacks will add a festive touch to your Christmas celebrations.

Merry Christmas and Happy Snacking!

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