Easter Italian Recipes To Create The Perfect Holiday Menù

Are you looking for Easter Italian recipes for your Easter menù?

If yes, then keep reading!

Easter italian recipes

Easter Day celebrates the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion. It is considered the most important recurrence of the Christian religion.

The date on which it falls varies from year to year according to the annual calendar: it is, in fact, celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon of spring.

On top of all the religious activities that take place, one of the most important parts of Easter is usually the food.

If you are looking for really easy and special Easter Italian recipes, you are in the right place!

Below are my proposals for a tasty and delicious Italian Easter Menu.

As an Italian girl myself, I can attest for each and every one of these recipes!

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#1 Pizza Rustica

Found at Simply Signorina

Typical Italian recipe for the Easter menu, and the convenient thing is that you can start preparing it the day before.

#2 Lamb chops With Mint Pesto

Easter italian recipes

Found at Italian Food Forever

In Italy, lamb can’t be missed on the Easter menu, and this recipe is super delicious.

#3 Stuffed Artichokes

Easter italian recipes

Found at Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine

Ah, I love artichokes! This recipe reminds me so much of the artichokes my mom used to prepare, so I really recommended them.

#4 Italian Easter Bread 

Found at A Casarella

I love this Easter bread, it really gives you that Easter feeling.

#5 Sausages And Artichokes Lasagna

Easter italian recipes

Found at Italian Food Forever

Lasagna, one of my favorite pasta dishes.

#6 Easy Southern Italian Easter Pie

Found at No Plate Like Home

#7 Pasta With Asparagus

Easter italian recipes

Found at Taste Of Home

A very good pasta with asparagus. Recommended for Easter lunch.

#8 Golden Potato Cake

Found at Bon Appetit

This potato cake is beautiful to look at, but also super delicious.

#9 Pizzagaina

Easter italian recipes

Found at Always Order Dessert

Pizzagaina is Italian Easter pie. A very traditional savory dish that is a treat for Easter.

#10 Italian Marinated Lamb

Found at Sweet Cs Designs

Another delicious recipe for lamb.

#11 Vegetarian Easter Pie | Traditional Italian Torta Pasqualina

Easter italian recipes

Found at Recipes From Italy

A vegetarian version of this delicious recipe.

#12 Stracciatella Soup 

Easter italian recipes

Found at Living Sweet Moments

To try absolutely!

Happy Easter to all!


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