Oven to air fryer conversion -Free Printable


Tired of heating up the big oven just for a small meal? With this handy Oven to Air Fryer Conversion chart, you can cook all your favorite recipes with less hassle and more healthiness using your air fryer.

- The Bella Vita

1. Check the recipe timing Reduce oven cooking time by 5-10 minutes when using an air fryer. Air fryers circulate hot air faster than conventional ovens.

2. Adjust the temperature Lower the temperature in the air fryer by 15-25°F from the oven temperature listed in the recipe.

3. Use less oil You'll need much less oil, about 1 tsp compared to 1-2 tbsp for oven baking. Brush or spray oil lightly over food.

4. Cook in batches Air fryers have less capacity than ovens. Cook food in smaller batches if the recipe makes a large amount.

5. Check for doneness earlier Since air fryers cook more quickly, check 5 minutes early to avoid over-browning. Times can vary, so monitor until food is cooked through.