French Toast Roll Ups

Air Fryer French toast roll ups,prepared in only a few minutes for The Morning Dream breakfast!

Prep Time: 10 Min

- Bread (White or whole wheat ) – Eggs –  Milk –  Sugar –  Cinnamon – Nutella Or other filling

Cook Time: 4 Min


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Step 1

Remove the crust of the bread with a knife. But don't throw it away! I reveal a delicious way to use it!

Step 2

Using a rolling pin or smooth glass, flatten the bread.

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Step 3

Spread Nutella or the filling you like best, such as peanut butter or jam.

Step 4

Roll the bread on itself. And afterwards prepare the mix with the egg, milk, cinnamon and sugar.

Step 5

You can cook these delicious French toast rolls up in the air fryer or in a frying pan.

Do Not Throw Away The Edges Of The Bread