Air Fryer Time Chart

Air Fryer Time Chart

"Air fryers are a game changer for anyone who loves the taste and texture of fried food but wants a healthier option. They use hot air to circulate around food and create a crispy exterior, without the need for oil or deep frying."

This air fryer cooking time chart can help you determine the correct time and temperature settings for various foods in your air fryer.

You can download it either in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Air Fryer Tips

Preheat the air fryer Don't overcrowd the basket Use a little oil Shake the basket

Air Fryer vs Oven

Air Fryer Vegetables

Asparagus 375°F 4-6 minutes Baby carrots 380°F12-15 minutes Beet 380°F17-20 minutes Broccoli  400°F 6-8 minutes Brussel Sprouts 375°F12-15 minutes Butternut Squash 375°F 15-20 minutes

Air Fryer Snacks

Bagel Pizza 350°F5 minutes Burrito 375°F5 minutes Bread croutons 350°F5 minutes Eggplant rollatini 350°F10 minutes Frozen Potstickers 365°F8-10 minutes Frozen Mozzarella Sticks 400°F 6-8 minutes

Air Fryer Meat

Chicken breast 375°F12-15 Minutes Chicken drumsticks 370° F18-20 minutes Bacon 400°F5-10 minutes Pork chops 375°F12-15 minutes Burgers   350°F8-12 minutes Filet mignon 400°F 10 minutes

Air fryer Desserts

Cookie Dough 320°F10-15 minutes Brownies     340°F10-15 minutes Grilled Peaches 350°G 5 minutes French Toast Roll Ups 375°F4 minutes Fried bananas 400°F4-5 minutes.